Hacks to Speed Up Your Daily Morning Routine

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Becoming an adult can become overwhelmingly busy pretty fast. You take on plenty of responsibilities that can challenge your time management skills and scheduling routine. Your to-do list grows longer as you age, but it means you still have plenty of time to improve. Part of your growth involves creating an effective routine to help you accomplish all your daily tasks. You might even reach a point where you have to plot your day by the hour.

Unfortunately, it can be challenging to stick to a schedule when you fail to start the day right. You have to create a routine to ensure that you can perform whatever you have to accomplish. However, it might take hours before you feel ready to go out, losing precious time in the process. If you want to speed up your morning routine, these hacks are ideal.

Sleep Well

It is a no-brainer for people to maintain regular sleeping habits. The task is essential to health and wellness, making it necessary to treat it as a priority task. However, sleep is one of the first things you might have to sacrifice when your errands and responsibilities start to overflow. It might even become a part of your usual routine to sleep less than the required amount.

Unfortunately, lack of sleep can provide problems for your morning routine. Besides not giving your body enough time to recover, you might not have plenty of energy and ignore your alarm clock. The only notion that forces you to wake up is when you already realized that you are late for work. A complete eight-hour sleep feels more of a hack than a routine, making it necessary to try and accomplish it. However, it might not be possible with everything you have on your plate. Try to achieve at least six to seven hours to ensure your body can recover enough energy to start your day.

Prefer Ready-to-Eat Meals

The morning routine usually consists of multiple activities with a time constraint of two hours. Your day might have to start around 8:00 to 9:00 AM, which puts your alarm at 6:00 AM. Taking a bath, grooming yourself, and getting dressed usually take about one hour. When you factor in your travel and traffic, you might have little time to spare to help you prepare yourself.

Unfortunately, you still have to dedicate time to eat. Cooking your breakfast varies in duration. Despite your efforts to maintain an efficient morning routine, you cannot rush making your meal. Fortunately, you can use a hack that takes the task off your hands. You can find a few restaurants, fast-food chains, and cafes on your commute to the office. The only time you spend involves lining up for your order or waiting at the drive-thru.

Try to find healthy alternatives, especially those that have ready-cooked meals dropped at your doorstep. Those hacks can save you from at least twenty to thirty minutes of cooking and eating breakfast, speeding up your entire morning routine.

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Stay Away from Your Phone

You might want to stay efficient during your morning routine. It is necessary to be at least ten minutes early in the office to help collect and prepare yourself for a busy day. However, there might be plenty of distractions while you’re going through your morning routine, causing delays in the process.

Interacting with your family and singing in the shower are pleasant distractions, but your mobile phone presents a different experience. Checking your email might lead to watching videos online, making you waste precious time. It is necessary to stay away from your phone while going through your morning routine, especially when you need to rush.

Prepare Outfit and Bag Ahead of Time

Most people perform grooming rituals like shaving at night so that they won’t disrupt their morning routine. Those tasks take up a lot of time, making them inefficient for the process. Applying makeup should be the only grooming habit you dedicate time to during your routine. All the rest must happen ahead of time.

Preparing your outfit feels like a simple task, but it might take you time to mix and match your clothes to find your best option. As you leave your home, you might notice that your bag is missing a few items. Those minor inconveniences feel like they only take a few minutes, something that you might not mind. However, the goal of your morning routine is to prevent you from wasting valuable time. Preparing them at night is necessary to speed things up.

Your morning routine can dictate your mood and productivity for the rest of the day, making it necessary to stay efficient. Fortunately, these hacks can put you on the right track. Over time, they might even become the norm.

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