This Festival Season, Dress Your Kids Up in Coachella-Approved Outfits

Couple at the festival
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Coachella fashion: the one dress code everyone is happy to submit to. Anywhere you look on the grass, you see flower crowns on messy braids, high-waisted shorts paired with cropped tops, finished with floral kimonos and brown suede boots. There’re fringes — lots of fringes — and chokers and wide-brimmed straw hats, which are guaranteed to photograph well.

Dressing up in a Bohemian outfit sounds fun. But when your little ones demand their share of this fun, the prospect can become a little daunting.

Thankfully, fashion brands have recognized that moms and dads want to make music festivals a family affair. And it’s a delight to see the mommy-and-me outfits on the field (case in point: Alessandra Ambrosio and her mini-me). Finding boots and straw cowboy hats for girls and boys won’t be a problem.

Comfort Is Key

Scratch that. When kids’ clothing is concerned, comfort is non-negotiable. Most kids don’t have the patience to put up with an itchy outfit for the sake of a killer look. You don’t want your little one to have a terrible time at the festival scratching here and there.

Choose clothes that are breathable and cool. If crocheted lace is not their thing, go for a statement cotton shirt. If they think boots are too hot, or if they’re not used to treading in little heels, opt for sandals. And if they always fidget with gartered shirts, give them loose tops with flowy sleeves.

Try the garments on before you throw them in your suitcase, too. More importantly, ask for the kids’ opinion. Is it comfy? Will it be okay if you’ll walk a lot in them? Would you like to wear sunglasses or a choker? Both?

Sun and Sound Protection

Because kids have sensitive skin, make sure to apply sunscreen before braving the festival crowds. It doesn’t matter if the weather guy says it’s cloudy. UV rays are always present, even if the sun is hiding behind clouds. Prepare an SPF 50 sunscreen (which can protect your little one from about 98% of UV rays). Don’t forget sunglasses and umbrellas, too!

Bring earplugs, too. A music festival staple, earplugs protect you from songs that are too loud (or songs not suited to your taste).  They’ll also come in handy if you’re camping, and you need a full night’s rest.

Bring Your Own Accessories

Woman with a black choker

When you were single, it would be perfectly alright to walk around the merchant tents and pick up flower crowns that would look great with tomorrow’s outfit.

If your little ones are tagging along, you might not be able to stop by these shops. So, bring all the accessories you’ll need. Don’t forget your children’s accessories, too. Children adore garlands, glow sticks, and face paint (glitter is welcome).

Love Layers

Festival weather isn’t always pleasant. During the day, you might contend with the scorching heat. At night, you battle the shivers. Dressing for the weather becomes even trickier when you have kids. Is there a time and place for multiple outfit changes?

The solution is to layer up. Start the day light. Short-sleeved shirts paired with light shorts. As the day wears on, add a stylish jacket, a jumpsuit, or a little poncho. Worried about jarring styles? Stick to one color family. If your soon-to-be undershirt has a neutral color, pack a muted shawl.

Don’t forget the most important part of fashion: let your kids have fun! Give them a little reign over what they’ll wear, just make sure it’s still in the Coachella territory. After all, of all the rules in a music festival, the dress code is the hardest to bend.

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